Who We Are

My name is Mieke Bozic and have been in the travel industry for nearly 20 years. We started as a representation company back in 2003 working for various hotels and resorts all over the world from the USA, to the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. In a nutshell, we work to sell the hotels and resorts we represent on the European market through various channels. In February of 2020, just before the COVID crisis hit, we started to develop a more affordable platform for virtually hosted events, call us lucky! Noting the costs for hosting a television type broadcast was very expensive up till now, we wanted to offer a more economical platform that was tailor made for the needs of our customers and those within the industry. In the meantime we have spilled over into completely other areas, which is great for diversity and ideas. We are physically located in Germany and have a small team behind the intimate business we run. However, we host conferences world wide, and just adapt to the time zone necessary. We are fun to work with, love to brainstorm and enjoy thinking of new angles on how to present.

We are ready to host your next, happy hour, extravaganza, or simply pep up your next meeting to make you stand out among the crowd!

Just give us a call or drop us an email.

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